Android Training institute Faridabad

Android Training Syllabus

Android Programming Introduction

  • Introduction about mobile app and Android
  • Android architecture
  • Introduction to ADT & SDK
  • Configure Editors Eclipse
  • Configure Editor Android Studio
  • Creating First Simple Program
  • Emulator and run Android Application
  • Emulator and run Android Application
  • Creating and installing APK
  • Understanding UI Widget in Android
  • UI Widget in Detail :Edit Text , Button Spinner , Radio , Progress bar etc.
  • Working With Layout
  • Understating Complete Structure of Android Project.

Programming In Android

  • Understanding Get & Set Properties in Android
  • Creating Property Class in Java
  • Life Cycle
  • Understanding Intent in Android
  • Android Menu
  • Android Internal / External Storage
  • View Classes Like Web View, Grid View etc.
  • Introduction to SQLite
  • SQLite API
  • Connecting Android with SQLite

Advanced Topics In Android

  • UXML and JSON Parsing
  • Introduction of Web Service
  • Use Of External API
  • How to get access the location using WIFI or GPS
  • How to enable the call or SMS of the phone using Android API
  • Some Application like Camera API
  • Bluetooth control using android
  • How to make your web app using android in quick session
  • How to publish your app on Google play store and other Market Place.

Project : We guide student making the mini projects and major project using Android